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My research evolves around tectonics and the evolution of Earth's lithosphere at various spatio-temporal scales. I apply a combination of field-based methods with laboratory analyses (geochronology, paleomagnetism) to reconstruct subduction, accretion and exhumation. My extensive field experience spans a diverse range of tectonic settings, where I worked in sedimentary basins, metamorphic basement and magmatic terranes. I am particularly interested in relationships between orogenic/plate boundary events and far-field changes in plate motion. My focus regions are the Tethyan realm (spanning from Greece - Turkey - Iran - India) and the Southwest Pacific region (New Caledonia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea). I have participated in and led marine research expeditions on divergent plate margins in the Southern Ocean, Indian Ocean, and the Tasman Sea.

I joined the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences at UQ in August 2018, after receiving my PhD from Utrecht University, The Netherlands (2017). I hold an MSc. in Geology from the University of Oslo, Norway (2012).

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