Michael Holmes

Health and Safety Officer
Brisbane Motorway Services

As the Health and Safety Officer for Brisbane Motorway Services, Michael Holmes’ role is about keeping Leighton Contractors and Lend Lease staff safe at work.

The joint venture between the two companies is responsible for providing the operations and maintenance of Brisbane’s Clem 7 Tunnel.

"My main responsibilities include providing advice to workers and management about their legal and contractual requirements surrounding workplace health and safety, as well as providing advice to workers who are unsure of the risks associated with their roles and tasks," he said.

"These risks can range from working within live traffic, to working with low and high voltage electricity, exposure to hazardous chemicals and responding to incidents within the tunnel."

"I also conduct regular audits of our health, safety, environmental and quality management systems and conduct risk review workshops with our management frequently."

"It’s rewarding to see that the controls you have developed in consultation with your fellow colleagues are working effectively at reducing health and safety risks and have been adopted as part of the job."

"Every day I learn something new about a particular occupation or task, which makes this such an interesting career."

Michael studied a Bachelor of Science followed by the Master of Occupational Health and Safety Science at The University of Queensland.

He found the academic staff enthusiastic about their discipline and valued meeting industry professionals at networking events and in lectures.

"The Master of Occupational Health and Safety Science provided me with the knowledge and strategies to understand and manage the immediate and long-term risks of occupational health and safety hazards," he said.

"Furthermore, it gave me confidence in understanding our business’s legal requirements and ensuring that we continue to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for all those we owe a duty of care to."

"I am passionate about educating employees about the risks involved in the jobs they do, and helping to find better ways to control these risks."

Michael Holmes