Can the large integrated population dataset MADIP provide reliable sub-state emigration estimates for Australia?


Sub-state estimatesof emigration are essential for creating population estimates and projections, and understanding regional and local population change. Unfortunately, for many countries - including Australia - it is one demographic process for which the data is either missing or poor quality. Current sub-state estimates of emigration in Australia are heavily based on modelling which primarily uses the sub-state distribution of immigration. This presentation reports on an evalution of MADIP (the Multi-Agency Data Integration Project) to assess whether it can provide reliable estimates of sub-state emigration. MADIP is hosted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and comprises many linked census and administrative datasets, includingoverseas migration and usual address datasets. The presentation will provide an evalution of the coverage and quality of the linked data for estimating sub-state emigration.

This research was undertaken with Aude Bernard, Anthony Kimpton, Toan Nguyen, and Neil Argent. It is funded by ARC Discovery Project DP200100760 'Where migrants go: A study of immigrants' post-arrival moves in Australia'


Dr Tom Wilson is a Principal Research Fellow in Spatial Demography at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health. He is an applied demographer specialising in population projections, household modelling, migration analysis, indirect estimation, advanced age populations, Indigenous demography, regional and localpopulation change and LGBTQ demography. In addition to working in the academic sector, Tom has also worked for the NSW public service and in consulting. 


This seminar will be streamed using the video conferencing software, Zoom.