Partner with us

Connect with School of the Environment academics, researchers and students to exchange ideas and expertise.

Partnering with our staff and students also allows us to make a significant contribution to your business.

For more information about partnerships, email our team at

Host a placement student

Student placements

Student placements provide students with invaluable practical experience that allows them to hone their skills in a realistic work environment and prepare for the challenges of transitioning to working life.

In turn, hosts can add value to their organisation by engaging enthusiastic and knowledgeable students who bring to the workplace fresh ideas, perspectives and skills, and who can be an extra resource for project work or research tasks.

UQ provides insurance for students who undertake unpaid placements.

For more information, visit Science placements or email the Faculty of Science placements team at

Work experience

While unpaid work experience isn’t a course requirement, we encourage our students to undertake it to enrich their studies and enhance their career prospects.

Interested host organisations provide a suitable workplace-based supervisor and, in most cases, students are covered by UQ’s insurance policy.

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Support the leaders of tomorrow

Supporting students in programs that align with industry needs and vision helps ensure not just a transformative education for the students, but also that Australian businesses have the talent they need to succeed and thrive long into the future.

Scholarships encourage high-achieving students, including those from rural and remote areas who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend university. They clear the way for those who face financial challenges to focus on their studies instead of on work and paying the bills.

Your support of these students forges a relationship with them and demonstrates to them that you are forward-thinking and that you care. In today’s competitive marketplace, student leaders choose their employers based on things like that, every bit as much as on salary and annual leave.

Scholarships come in many shapes and sizes, can be for domestic and/or international students, and may be tailored to support experiential learning through industry placements or research projects.

Email the UQ Science scholarships team at to discuss how you can make a difference through scholarships and prizes.

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Collaborate on research

Collaborations with industry and government bodies are integral to our research profile.

Our internationally renowned researchers work closely with industry partners on a wide range of projects and ventures to deliver industry-relevant research

Our partners include peak industry and development councils, private companies and NGOs within the agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture, forestry and mining sectors.

These long-established links complement the many and varied cross-collaborative projects our researchers work on within our School, and with colleagues from UQ’s centres and the wider community.

ARC Linkage Programs

The Australian Research Council (ARC) is an independent body established by the Australian Government to advance Australia’s capacity to undertake quality research.

An ARC Linkage Grant is an effective way to leverage your research dollar, giving you access to university expertise to solve the research and development challenges your organisation might face.

Your organisation can partner with our researchers to apply for a grant that, together with a contribution from your organisation, provides the critical mass to get research underway. Our staff will coordinate the paperwork, and the ARC brokers agreements with industry partners that take care of all the statutory requirements.

Contact us

To find out more or to discuss your ideas for research partnerships, email us at

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Host an industry event

Our regular industry events give students and graduates the chance to network with and learn from industry experts.

By attending or speaking at our events, you can raise your organisation’s profile within our School community and meet some of the talented students who are keen to develop their knowledge and gain hands-on experience.

View our News and Events pages to see what’s happening in our School, and to keep in touch about industry events, guest lectures and opportunities to present.

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