Follow our step-by-step instructions to apply for Honours programs, research projects, or thesis courses as part of your undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program.

You may view the recording of our latest  2023 Environment Honours and Postgraduate Research Information Session.

If you have any queries about this process, email us via including your name and student number in your message.

Step 1. Identify a research area, a principal advisor, and a research project

Check our research themes and staff members in the School. Get in touch with a potential advisor and create your project in collaboration with the principal advisor. For Honours projects, some advisors also publish their available projects on the School research projects page. Students are recommended to get in touch directly with potential advisors to discuss possible projects.

Once you have developed a possible project with your principal advisor, go to the next step.

Step 2. Apply online

For students pursuing a one-year Honours degree, please apply via the honours admissions website.

For current UQ students pursuing an Honours project as part of a four-year Honours degree, please apply via this studenthub form.

For any other types of research projects and courses, please complete the form relevant for other applicants. This would apply to students who wish to conduct a semester-long research project in their Bachelor’s degrees or a research project in their Postgraduate degrees.

If you are confused about which application is applicable to you, please email us via

Step 3. Enrol in your chosen course(s)

Once we have processed your application, you'll receive an email confirming your permission to enrol and the course code details. 

You'll then need to enrol in this course via mySInet.

Check the Electronic Course Profile (ECP) for details of your assessment requirements and deadlines.

If you have any queries or experience difficulties with this step of the application process, email us via