From Drones to Digital Geo-Twins


Steve loves field mapping and 3D modelling to drive insight in Earth Science but wasn't getting enough time to enjoy either and so has tried to find innovative ways of doing them quicker and on a bigger scale!


Associate Professor Steven Micklethwaite's career has involved research, minerals exploration and consultancy on four continents and developing technical expertise in mineral systems science, undercover environments, structure and tectonics. At Monash University, he established the Drone Discovery Platform, which was supported by Science, Engineering, Arts and IT faculties. He also served as Discovery Manager (Australia) for Anglo America where the focus was exploration in challenging undercover environments. Steve serves on Auscope’s Science Advisory Committee, and the Steering Committee for the Australia’s Scalable Drone Cloud (ASDC) initiative and previously served on the Queensland Resources Council working groups for Pristine Rivers legislation and Data Confidentiality, as well as the Industry Advisory Board, for EGRU, James Cook University.


275, Global Change Institute (#20). Additionally, this seminar will be streamed using the video conferencing software, Zoom.