Water at the Centre of Everything 


CycleForWater is a NGO led by 4 French childhood friends which is aiming to raise awareness about water in the world. To be able to do that, they are doing a sporting achievement by crossing the world by bike from New-Zealand to France for 15 months. On their way, they meet people such as hydrologist (Frederick Bouckaert for instance), farmers, politics… who help them understand water management, issues, pollution… in each country they are going. Then, they transmit these information’s they have learnt on their social medias and website. Their other mission is also to help populations on the ground in Southeast Asia by financing and building facilities such as water tanks, solar water pumps... To be able to do that, they are working with NGOs in Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia.


  • Pétronille studied Agricultural Engineering.
  • Hugo studied Sport Management.
  • César studied Business Management.
  • William studied Business Management.


Room: In person: Steele Building, Planning Studio (03-315). This seminar will be held using the video conferencing software Zoom.