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Philip holds a PhD in fire ecology and has worked in the field of nature conservation and national park management in Namibia, South Africa and Australia. While working in nature conservation he gained extensive experience in wildlife capture, translocation and management, fire ecology and biodiversity conservation fuelling his passion for research and working in the field. In Australia Philip lectured in wildlife management, wildfire behaviour, fire ecology and other biological/conservation science courses at Charles Darwin University for a number of years.He has presented internationally on topics ranging from invasive species to wildfire and fire ecology, and has lectured in wildfire behaviour, fire ecology and other environmental science courses. Philip is a Certified Wildlands Fire Ecologist through the Association for Fire Ecology, and is undertaking further studies in veterinary and wildlife science.

Philip is a Research Fellow with the Applied Behavioural Ecology and Ecological Research Unit (ABEERU) in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of South Africa.