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Daniel is an Associate Professor in the School of the Environment, and the Director of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science at the University of Queensland. His research focuses on how migratory species use and connect the ocean; how we can use spatial management measures to help conserve them and marine biodiversity more broadly; and how we need to work together on regional and global scales to conserve marine spaces. He has worked with seven UN Conventions and organisations to try to provide the information and tools necessary to support a healthy ocean.

His research focuses on applying ecological and biogeographical theory to develop applied solutions to natural resource management and conservation problems in the ocean across a range of scales. I am particularly interested in developing and disseminating actionable information to inform conservation planning in areas beyond national jurisdiction and improving environmental governance of that “other” half of our planet. His current focus is on delivering an open-access, online system to describe how migratory species use and connect the ocean (, and new tools to increase stakeholder engagement in systematic conservation planning.