Researcher biography

My research interests are in coral reef ecology and marine parasitology.

I also incorporate other fields in my research including evolutionary biology, molecular biology, parasitology, and animal behaviour. I use field observations to generate hypotheses which are tested using field and laboratory experiments.

Currently, I have research programmes at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef and on campus.

Specific projects include:

Cleaning symbiosis as a model system for developing and testing models of non-kin cooperation in multispecies mutualisms

The ecological significance of cleaning behaviour in reef fishes

The direct and indirect effects of cleaner fish on the coral reef community

Interactions between larval coral reef fish and parasites

The effects of parasites on fish physiology

The taxonomy of gnathiid isopods and their identification using DNA

The role of colour and pattern in communication among animals

The molecular and colour pattern biogeography of cleaner fish

Sustainable amateur marine aquaria