Researcher biography

Project title:

Life, death, and fossilisation: A taphonomic analysis of dinosaurian remains from the Eromanga Basin

Project description:

Taphonomy is the scientific discipline that studies the processes experienced by organic matter during transitions from the biosphere to fossil. At present, investigations into the taphonomy of vertebrate fossils within different fossil-bearing stratigraphic units of the Eromanga Basin are under-researched. This project aims to assess the taphonomic trends associated with dinosaur fossils within the Eromanga Basin, using specific localities in Central West Queensland as case studies. It is expected that the undertaking of this project will culminate in a better understanding of taphonomic signatures conducive to fossilisation of dinosaur remains in the Eromanga Basin.


AsPr Steven Salisbury (Principal), Dr Matthew Herne (Associate)