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Project title:

Systematics of Eriocaulon L. (Eriocaulaceae Martinov.) in Australia – phylogeny, historical biogeo

Project description:

In my project, I'm building a phylogenetic hypothesis for the Eriocaulon genus while exploring the impact of various Australian springs, notably the Great Artesian Basin (GAB), on species diversity. Eriocaulon, a vital component of freshwater habitats in the tropics, comprises over 400 global species, with 34 in Australia. Our knowledge of Australian species and their relationships is limited, and the project addresses this gap. Additionally, I'm assessing species status, relationships, and investigating the GAB biota's longevity through techniques like Sanger sequencing, 353-target genes, and dd-Radseq, shedding light on their potential isolation since desertification around 4-6 million years ago.


The University of Queensland
Australasian Systematic Botany Society - ASBS
Society of Australian Systematic Society - SASB


Rod FenshanLyn Cook, Richard Jobson