Researcher biography


Master of Science in Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics, The University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart, Germany
Bachelor of Science in Forestry, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Project title:

Improving the Measurement and Understanding of Australian Vegetation Phenology

Project description:

Vegetation phenology is the timing of plant life cycle events influenced by abrupt climate. Precise monitoring of these events is crucial for Earth System Models, which help us understand carbon dynamics amid climate change. Land Surface Phenology (LSP) is satellite-based pixel-level tracking of phenology with Vegetation Indices and Sun-induced Fluorescence (SIF). However, LSP metrics used to track carbon and water uptake measured from flux towers are decoupled in some Australian ecosystems. Radiative Transfer Models (RTMs) will be used to investigate the reason behind this decoupling, especially focusing on canopy structure and sun-sensor view geometry across Australian TERN supersites.


University of Queensland Research Training Tuition Fee Offset
University of Queensland Research Training Stipend


Principal Supervisor: Dr. William Woodgate (UQ Amplify Lecturer); Associate Supervisor: Professor Stuart Phinn