Researcher biography


Bachelor of Science (Honours; Marine Science & Zoology)

Project title:

Reconstructing past environmental changes in the Cape Darnley, East Antarctica, region using microfo

Project description:

Analyses of marine sediment cores for their sedimentological characteristics and the microfossil assemblages can provide important clues about past environmental changes. My PhD project will analyse marine cores from the Cape Darnley region of East Antarctica for their microfossil (diatom, radiolarian and foraminifera) assemblages to assess past changes in the local environment including changes in sea ice conditions, biological productivity and ocean circulation. Cape Darnley is a one of only four regions of Antarctica that produces Antarctic Bottom Water, a key component of the global ocean circulation. The project will focus on understanding periods of time that were warmer than present as possible analogues for how Antarctic environments and ecosystems and Antarctic Bottom Water could change in the future.


ARC Discovery Project


A/Prof Helen Bostock, Dr Kevin Welsh