Researcher biography


Bachelor of Science (Class 1 Hon), The University of Queensland

Project title:

Sex ratios of sea turtle hatchlings and breeding turtles in a warming climate

Project description:

Climate-induced temperature increases at sea turtle nesting sites may cause extreme female-biased hatchling sex ratios globally, and ultimately lead to the collapse of populations where males are extremely limited. This project aims to determine long-term trends in hatchling sex ratios of sea turtle nesting sites in the Asia-Pacific, where knowledge of sand temperatures and primary sex ratios is limited. Additionally, this project investigates if the cooling effects from rainfall could counteract warming sand temperature trends and feminisation. Lastly, this project determines what operational sex ratio (OSR, the sex ratio at mating grounds) might support the sustainable growth of sea turtle populations.




A/Prof Ian Tibbetts, Dr David Booth and Prof Graeme Hays