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Deformation History of Clarke River Shear Zone- Implications for the Evolution of Eastern Australia

Project description:

The Clarke River Shear Zone is a key tectonic element in northeastern Australia, as it defines the boundary between distinct orogens within the Tasmanides. This project aims to investigate the shear zone's deformation history and its significance for the Paleozoic tectonic evolution of eastern Gondwana. By integrating structural analysis, petrography, and distinct geochronological methods, we aim to characterize the shear zone's architecture, kinematics, activation history, and strain evolution over time. Ultimately, this project will provide constraints on the role of long-lived structures on the evolution of active margin systems and improve our understanding of the strengths and limitations of geochronological techniques in constraining timing of deformation in shear zones.


Gideon RosenbaumTeresa Ubide Garralda