Researcher biography


Master of Science in Geology, University of Chile
Geologist, University of Chile (School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences)

Project title:

Decoding Arc Systems: High-Res Geochemistry and AI Insights on Magmatism and Economic Mineralization

Project description:

Volcanic arcs generate explosive eruptions and economic deposits of critical metals. Typical arc magmatism arises from subducting slab dehydration and overlying mantle wet-melting. Yet, subducting plate tearing and segmentation can result in unconventional mantle melting, leading to geochemically anomalous volcanic products.
This project delves into the origins and characteristics of anomalous magmatism, plumbing systems, and their connection to ore deposit formation. The Andes, a prominent and active volcanic arc, serves as a vital research site. Using high-resolution geochemistry on magmatic crystals and melts and AI tools, the study seeks to unveil the processes governing melt generation, magma evolution, eruption triggers, and ore formation. This interdisciplinary approach advances our comprehension of magmatic response to subduction-related deformation in arc systems, offering valuable insights into both volcanic hazards and ore deposit mineralization.


Dr. Teresa UbideDr. Gideon Rosenbaum