Researcher biography


Bachelor of Science (Hons)

Project title:

Cohabitation and hybridization in anemonefish: behaviour, ecology, and strategies for mitigation

Project description:

The focus of my PhD is to look at why anemonefishes – which are usually quite territorial – are occasionally observed to share their host anemones with other species (known as cohabitation), notably leading to hybridization. I’m investigating whether this is linked to declines in the abundance of their host anemones due to bleaching events and other stressors. The bulk of my research work involves aquarium experiments and manipulative field experiments that examine territoriality and aggression. I am also developing artificial reef structures which aim to increase host anemone abundance and support anemonefish communities under threat.


Goodman Foundation; Ecological Society of Australia; ARC DECRA (JP Hobbs)


Dr. Jean-Paul Hobbs, Dr. Fabio Cortesi, A/Prof. Karen Cheney