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Bachelor of Applied Science in Accounting
Master of Science in Management Science and Operations Management

Project title:

Indonesia’s Dependence on Oil Supply and Implications for the Nation’s Decarbonization Pathways

Project description:

Key challenges for Indonesia to 2050 are to reduce its dependency on fossil-based fuels and to decarbonize its energy system. My research adopts a systems approach to investigate future pathways, positing a shift from oil-based combustion to electricity-based. Meanwhile, today, electricity is predominantly generated using gas and coal. The cost-competitiveness of renewables is central to any sectoral adjustment in the nation’s total primary energy supply (TPES). To study variables within the energy system, causal loop diagrams (CLDs) are constructed acknowledging three underlying elements: constraints (the energy trilemma); resource availability, oriented to physical elements and human resources (stakeholders); and the mode of regulation. In particular, the decarbonization of oil requires a shift in demand-side practices before any decarbonization pathways can be realized. By referring to the CLD, A stock and flow model (SFM) and scenario analysis are created to assess current oil demand and supply and to forecast the sector's transition up to 2050.


Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (The Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education)


Associate Professor Paul DarguschDr. David Wadley, Dr. Russell Richards