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Bachelor of Environmental Management (Honours Class I) - University of Queensland (2019)

Project title:

Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Tuvalu

Project description:

In the low-lying atolls of Tuvalu, a south Pacific Island country, the impacts of climate change are an observable reality for local communities. There has been a significant number of climate change adaptation projects implemented in Tuvalu, many of which involve harnessing nature-based solutions. Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) is a nature-based solution that harnesses biodiversity and ecosystem services to reduce vulnerability and build resilience to climate change. There is limited evidence on the outcomes of EbA projects according to the local communities. This research project will explore the conservation, livelihood, and adaptation outcomes of EbA projects in Tuvalu, according to local communities and relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, this research will investigate the appropriateness, effectiveness, impact, equity, and sustainability of EbA projects in Tuvalu according to the local communities.


Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) Scholarship
School of the Environment HDR Funding


Professor Karen McNamaraDr Claudia Benham