BSc. (Hons) Geology

Project title:

Age, source and diagenesis of Holocene carbonate sediments beneath leeward and windward coral cays

Project description:

Coral reefs are unique sedimentary environments that rely on a balance between constructive and destructive forces to sustain themselves over geologic time. Sediment (sand and rubble) that is generated during degradation of the reef framework is often incorporated into the structure of the reef. This project aims to quantify early marine diagenetic processes occurring in Holocene sediment from One Tree and Heron Reefs within this context. The comparison of windward (One Tree) and leeward (Heron) settings presented in this project aim to encapsulate the breadth of environmental conditions and their effects on diagenesis.


Prof. Gregory Webb, Prof. Jianxin Zhao, Dr. Daniel Harris