Researcher biography

I am a physician at RBWH where I did my undergraduate training. I subspecialised in THoracic Medicine with a focus on bronchoscopy. I helped to create a large interventional service here. Part of that inlcuded instituting endobronchial ultrasound ( EBUS), an Australian first, in 2003. This has become standard of care for diagnosing lung cancer.

My research has been centred on how specimens from EBUS can be optimised. I have had strong collaboration with UQCCR, Pathology Queensland and QIMR Berghofer. Our work has expanded on 2 fronts- 1. use of simple cytology smears as the source for panel molecular testing and 2. The expanded role of WES and WGS on these samples.

We have instituted a large Australia wide collaborative network who are collecting samples along with us( The Debutant studies).We have Cancer Council Australia / CCQ/ and NHMRC grants fr these studies