Researcher biography


Bachelor of Science (Marine Science), The Australian National University
Master of Earth Science (Advanced), The Australian National University

Project title:

Vocal responses to anthropogenic noise in Humpback Whales (Megaptera novaeangliae)

Project description:

I’m currently working with the Cetacean Ecology Group to understand the effects of anthropogenic noise on humpback whales. My research focuses on changes in humpback whale song to seismic exploration, namely airguns, using data collected through the Behavioural Response of Australian Humpback Whales to Seismic Surveys (BRAHSS) and the Hearing in Humpbacks Acoustic Research Collaboration (HHARC) projects.

By investigating these changes, we aim to determine how the whales perceive these sounds and if they’re having a negative impact at an individual level and more importantly on the population level.


Associate Professor Rebecca Dunlop, Professor Michael Node