Researcher biography


M.S. in Environmental Science, University of Guam, U.S.A.
Diplom-Ingenieurin (FH), Cartography and Geomedia-Technology (Dipl.Ing., former German equivalent to a master’s degree), Munich University of Applied Sciences, Munich, Germany

Project title:

3D Shoreline Changes of Atoll Islands in Micronesia.

Project description:

Low-lying atoll islands are very vulnerable to sea-level rise and other coastal hazards exacerbated by climate change. Many of these islands are not only important in an ecological sense as breeding grounds for birds and nesting turtles, but also sustain human populations with unique cultures. The islands’ sustainability into the future is highly debated. One important aspect of their sustainability is the landform stability. While atoll island shorelines are very dynamic, more research is needed on how and why they change to inform policy and management of these fragile environments. This study will assess atoll island shoreline changes by taking a novel three-dimensional approach using state-of-the-art geospatial tools like laser scanners and drones. The expected outcome will be a more holistic understanding of atoll dynamics, specifically how three-dimensional changes are manifested in previously documented two-dimensional (planform) atoll island changes.


University of Queensland Research Training Tuition Fee Offset
University of Queensland Research Training Stipend
Sea Grant by the University of Guam


Prof Stuart Phinn, A/Prof Chris RoelfsemaDr Daniel Harris