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Course coordinator and lecturer GEOS2100
Course coordinator and lecturer GEOS2101
Course coordinator and lecturer GEOS3108
Course lecturer GEOS1100
Academic Supervisor GEOS3400
Academic Supervisor SCIE3210
Guest Lecturer GEOS3103
Guest Lecturer GEOS3102
Guest Lecture MARS3012  

Academic Supervisor of Honours Degree Students and PhD candidates

Researcher biography

Professor Hamish McGowan is a Geographer and Professor of Atmospheric and Climate Sciences with research interests in: Local and regional scale windfields in complex terrain, Severe weather (thunderstorms, bushfire meteorology), Earth surface – atmosphere energy and trace gas exchanges, Aeolian dust transport (meteorological controls on wind erosion, dust transport and the impacts on regional and global climate dynamics), Palaeoclimate reconstructions, Mountain meteorology and hydroclimate. He leads the Atmospheric Observations Research Group

Hamish received his PhD from the University of Canterbury in 1995. His research interests are in the fields of:

  • Meteorological hazards
  • Earth surface - atmosphere interactions and energetics
  • The Weather and Climates of Alpine and Mountainous Regions
  • Long Range Dust Transport and Climate Impacts
  • Climate dynamics
  • Palaeoclimate reconstruction

Areas of research