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---- New projects in 2024 ----

Recruiting new research students: I am always looking for highly motivated PhD and MPhil students to join my group to work on a range of research topics around geochronology and its applications to critical minerals, global tectonics, and past environmental changes. Please email me for details on projects, funding, and application timelines.


I am a Senior Lecturer in Geochronology and Tectonics. My research advances fundamentals of Plate Tectonics, the unique and unifying theory for our home planet. My group uses a set of field, laboratory, and computational approaches to reveal the geologic history of modern and ancient plate boundaries, focusing on reconstructing the evolution of plate-margin mountains and basins. Such regions are among the most dynamic in the Earth system: their development alters regional and global climate, impacts biogeographic evolution, triggers earthquakes and other geologic hazards, and determines formation and distribution of natural resources such as critical minerals. I have been fortunate to work in some of the most rewarding areas for geologists, including the Himalaya-Tibetan Plateau, Central Andes, eastern Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands. Check out some of my field photos here. I am the lead of UQ Thermochronology Lab that focuses on apatite fission-track analysis. As an in-depth user of UQ RIF (Radiogenic Isotope Facility), I also work with laser ablation ICP-MS with recent work around laser ablation U-Pb dating of low-U mineral phases such as calcite, hydrothermal garnet, and fluorite.

Editorial activities: I am a Subject Editor for Journal of the Geological Society and a member of the Editorial Board for Results in Earth Sciences. I am the lead Editor for issue 'Geochronology and Critical Minerals Systems' at Ore Geology Reviews. More information could be found here.

Teaching activities: My teaching duties range from delivering introductory courses, upper-year disciplinary courses, to research training courses. Here's a YouTube video of one of my courses: