Theme: Earth Science and Resources 

Description: The vertical or lithostatic stress is an important parameter in tectonic and geomechanical analysis of sedimentary basins. Vertical stress is the stress imposed by the overburden mass above a certain depth. In a sedimentary basin, primary factors such as lateral sedimentary facies variation, change in layer’s thickness or secondary factors like compaction, overpressure, and uplift can result in fluctuations in vertical stress magnitudes over the basin. Such variations have a significant effect on geomechanical analysis such as fault reactivation and induced seismicity. This project aims to determine vertical stress in Australian basins using analysis of geophysical logs.

Additional Information: You have successfully completed Structural Geology course. You should be competent with a computer. Interests in structural geology would be best suited to this project. Note that training on vertical stress calculations will be provided to the student during the project. The student completing this project will receive a $2500 bursary.

Contact: Dr Mojtaba Rajabi