Theme: Earth Science and Resources 

Description: State of in-situ stress and fractures in the Bowen-Surat Basins, Queensland: implications for fault stability
Faults and fractures can control the leakage and migration of fluid in the subsurface. Predicting the risk of movement on fault planes and the connectivity of faults and fractures is vital for the water resource, geothermal industries, CO2 and H2 storage, as well as understanding natural hazards. This project will use geophysical logs wells to identify natural fractures in the Surat and Bowen basins boreholes. Geophysical logs and drilling data will also be used to determine the in-situ stress regime, which can be applied to reactivation modelling of natural fractures and faults in the Surat and Bowen basins.

Additional Information: You have successfully completed Structural Geology course. You should be competent with a computer. Interests in structural geology would be best suited to this project. The student completing this project will receive a $2500 bursary.

Contact: Dr Mojtaba Rajabi