Zoology and wildlife biology researchers aim to understand how wild and captive animals interact with their ecosystems. 

Researchers in this field face a growing number of real-world challenges, including but not limited to habitat loss, climate change and the impact of illegal wildlife trade.

To address these challenges, we are working on a range of solutions, such as developing new conservation strategies, studying the structure and function of wildlife species, behavioural ecology, physiology, and using genetics to understand the impacts of disease and human activities on wildlife populations. 

Our experts specialise in a variety of areas, including comparative anatomy and physiology and behaviour, ex situ captive management, the impact and assessment of wildlife disease, conservation, population biology and the interaction of wildlife in peri-urban and agricultural landscapes.

We collaborate with wildlife managers, policymakers, NGOs and other stakeholders to develop strategies that balance human development with environmental protection. Doing so places us at the forefront of advancing sustainable development and protecting our planet’s biodiversity.

Our people