Researcher biography


Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Geological Sciences
Master of Science (MS) in Geological Sciences

Project title:

Halogens and noble gases in serpentinite-blueschist associated jadeitites

Project description:

The seawater-derived volatile elements (halogens, noble gases, and CO2, etc.) entrapped within the altered oceanic crust and subsequently transported into the mantle in subduction zones, particularly beneath arc volcanoes, carries significant geological importance.
In this study, we intend to leverage on serpentinites and jadeitites.
Serpentine is a metamorphic rock essentially composed of serpentine group minerals. On the other hand, jadeitite is generally formed as mantle melange within serpentinite and associated blue-schist terrain. We will investigate their combined halogen and noble gas content, fluid inclusion, and specific isotopes to assess the volatile exchange among various lithologies within ‘subduction zone’ setting.


AsPr. Mark Kendrick (Principal Supervisor), Prof. Trevor Ireland (Associate Supervisor)