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MSc in Regional geography
BS in Geography and Cartography

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Settlement and Migration Patterns of Immigrants in Australia

Project description:

Australian immigration policy has been mainly concerned with shaping the level and composition of the immigration intake. However, there have been increasing attempts to influence where migrants settle through regional migration visa schemes to alleviate depopulation and skill shortages in regional areas. While regional visas are becoming more common, their effectiveness in retaining migrants in regional areas is yet to be determined. The recent launch of Multi-agency Data Integration Project (MADIP) provides longitudinal administrative microdata with information on visa and place of residence linked to census. Such data offer a unique opportunity to establish the levels and drivers of retention of immigrants in Australian regions. Using multi-level survival analysis, this paper establishes the regional retention of migrants from 2010 to 2019 and identifies the individual and place-based characteristics underpinning retention. These results provide an evidence base for policy seeking to improve the regional retention of immigrants while demonstrating the research opportunities created by cross-agency administrative data.


Dr. Aude BernardDr. Thomas Sigler, Dr. Tomasz Zajac