Researcher biography


Master of Conservation Science, The University of Queensland
Bachelor of Science in Biology (Honours), Queen's University

Project title:

Impacts of climate change-induced large-scale disturbances on coral reef connectivity and recovery

Project description:

An increasing frequency and intensity of climate change-induced disturbance events threaten the Great Barrier Reef. These widespread events, namely mass coral bleaching and destructive tropical cyclones, can cause mortality to reef-building coral species. As an increasing proportion of reefs suffer from these impacts, the metapopulation will be fragmented as healthy reefs are distributed further apart. This will affect coral larval connectivity and the potential facilitation of genetic adaptation to the warming oceans. My thesis aims to understand the spatial heterogeneous effects of disturbances, and to what extent the metapopulation’s connectivity and recovery potential will be hampered.


Prof. Peter Mumby, A/Prof. David Callaghan, Dr. Milani Chaloupka