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Professor Sue Golding's research interests are in the fields of ore deposit geology and geochemistry, application of isotope geochemistry to minerals and energy exploration, coal bed methane, carbon sequestration, geomicrobiology.

Sue Golding received her PhD from The University of Queensland. She has been involved with resource exploration and isotope geochemistry research since 1977, following some 8 years industry experience in Australia and Africa. Building on this industry background Golding has combined field and laboratory studies to build an interdisciplinary research program with emphasis on hydrothermal systems and mineral and fossil fuel resources. This has involved the development of new techniques and methodologies for constraining thermal and fluid flow histories in sedimentary basins, which have provided significant insights into processes associated with evolving mineral and hydrocarbon systems. She also has considerable expertise in the application of stable and radiogenic isotope technologies in mineral and hydrocarbon exploration to evaluate terrain prospectivity, test the models employed and vector to ore based on isotopic haloes that surround many ore deposit types. A significant focus of her research group at the University of Queensland is technology related to environmentally sustainable energy provision. The research spans multiple scales from natural analogue studies of coal basins to determine the origins of coal seam methane and mechanisms that keep carbon dioxide naturally sequestered to experimental studies of the impact of carbon dioxide interaction with sandstones and coals on reservoir properties and groundwater chemistry. Golding was a senior researcher with the CO2CRC from 2006 to 2016.