Theme: Environmental management, Geography

Description: As climate change becomes an increasingly prominent challenge to Australian cities, it is critical to rethink an urban growth model that balances the priorities between economic development and environmental sustainability. This project aims to expand the interdisciplinary knowledge in geography, urban studies, environmental management, and social sciences that study the current challenges faced by Australian cities in battling unaffordable and unsustainable growth. This project includes both theoretical conceptualisation and empirical investigation using primary and secondary data on housing, transport, land use, and climate events. This project will deliver preliminary results for in-depth analyses and applications in future research.

Additional Information: Students with a background in geography and environmental management, who have a strong interest/skillset in quantitative and spatial analysis, are welcome to apply.

The project is expected to start in Semester 1, 2024 and last two semesters. Background literature review and theoretical conceptualisation are expected to be finished by mid-year and preliminary empirical work and thesis writing are expected to be done by the end of Semester 2.

Contact: Dr Frank Zou