Theme: Ecology genetics and evolution, Zoology and wildlife biology 

Description: Singapore Daisy (Sphagneticola trilobata) is a vigorous groundcover originally from Mexico which has become an environmental weed in Queensland. Separated sections of stem are capable of developing roots and growing entirely new plants, which has been assumed to be the main mechanism of replication and dispersal of this species in its invasive range. It does, however, flower prolifically and is capable of producing viable seed, which may also play a role in spreading populations. This project would have field, lab and glasshouse components and would seek to quantify and understand S. trilobata seed production and viability in Queensland.

Additional Information: You will spend a substantial component of your Honours year with associate supervisors from Biosecurity Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Queensland Government, based at the Boggo Road EcoSciences Precinct. Your principal supervisor (Gurion Ang) will support your professional development and writing. 

Contact: Dr Gurion Ang