Theme: Earth science and resources, Marine biology and ocean science

Description: This project utilises numerical simulations of the SE Queensland coastal and offshore oceans to better understand the influence of major flood events from the riverine systems. By employing a state-of-the-art ocean model, forced with river input from the Brisbane, Logan and South Pine rivers, this project aims to provide insights how flood versus drought regimes influence oceanographic conditions within Moreton Bay; and, how these conditions influence or are influenced by exchange from the southern Coral Sea. This research will provide physical conditions and quantitative context with implications for improved understanding of Moreton Bay and the broader SE Queensland coastline.

Additional Information: Essential requirements:
- Experience and proficiency with a coding language (python, MATLAB, Julia, R)
- Preferred program major in: Coastal & Ocean Science, Physics, Mathematics, Earth Science.
Preference for experience with any of the following courses:
- MARS3012 – Physical-Biological Oceanography
- Any MATH courses covering partial or ordinary differential equations, or scientific computing
- Any PHYS courses

Contact: Dr David Gwyther