We're inviting school groups to join other Year 11 biology school groups to join us and complete mandatory practicals in Unit 3 of senior biology. You'll also practice data analysis and scientific report writing for Internal Assessment 2.

The session will be delivered by Dr Gurion Ang and current undergraduate biology students.

What you'll learn:

High school students will gain hands-on experience in:

  • calculating species diversity
  • classifying an ecosystem based on vegetation structure
  • ecological surveying techniques
  • writing effective research questions
  • basic data processing and analysis.

Watch our Youtube video (duration 1:39) to find out more about Experience Ecology.

Session dates

  • 30 October - this session is fully booked
  • 31 October - this session is fully booked
  • 1 November - this session is fully booked
  • 2 November - this session is fully booked
  • 3 November - this session is fully booked
  • 6 November - this session is fully booked
  • 7 November - this session is fully booked
  • 20 November - this session is fully booked
  • 21 November

Our program

Please note: We'll conduct our workshops in any order. (You may have Workshop A followed by Workshop B or vice versa).

9.20amSchool groups arrive
Workshop A: Skills in Field ecology

Current UQ ecology and zoology students will conduct activities based on the three mandatory practicals in Unit 3 of the new senior biology syllabus. This includes:

  • calculating species diversity using the Simpson’s Diversity Index (and the implications of the data)

  • classifying an ecosystem using Specht’s vegetation classification system and

  • an appraisal of surveying techniques in two ecosystems spatial variants.

11.15amPicnic lunch. We ask that you bring your own food and drink. It's a busy time on-campus and you may not have enough time to buy your lunch.
Workshop B: Analyse and interpret Ecological data

We will use an authentic sample data set and show best practice in the processing and analysis of ecological data. Students should bring their laptop and schools will be provided the sample data set to download prior to your visit. Microsoft Excel is required.


Contact us

School groups should register via their nominated biology teacher. Please complete and sign this registration form and send it to Sam Becker at sam.becker@uq.edu.au.

If your school is planning to dismiss your students from our campus or planning to leave later, you can organise a bespoke lesson with Dr Gurion Ang. Contact Dr Gurion Ang at gurion.ang@uq.edu.au for more information.


This event is free. Transport to and from our St Lucia campus is at your school's expense.

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