Biodiversity and conservation science researchers aim to understand and mitigate the mounting issue of biodiversity loss and protect natural resources for future generations. 

Threats to biodiversity come from climate change, habitat destruction, pollution and invasive species, with each contributing to the loss of biodiversity and ecosystems worldwide.

Our researchers are working on innovative solutions to help conserve biodiversity, protect endangered species and mitigate the impacts of climate change. Much of our work is interdisciplinary, since solving the biodiversity crisis means using our planet within sustainable limits. We are leveraging technology, data analytics and collaboration to develop strategies to protect habitats and natural resources, restore ecosystems and promote sustainable practices.

We have expertise in ecology, genetics, environmental science, social science and policy. Our researchers collaborate with local communities, governments, NGOs and private companies to develop effective conservation strategies that can be implemented on the ground.

Biodiversity and conservation science at UQ is providing new insights and solutions to address the complex challenges facing our planet. 

Our people