Environmental management research is critical to ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources and ecosystems. 

Climate change, pollution, land clearing and biodiversity loss are just a few of the real-world challenges that we are investigating as we work to balance economic development with environmental protection. 

To address these challenges, we are working to develop techniques for measuring and monitoring environmental impact, designing sustainable policies and practices, and engaging stakeholders in the decision-making process. 

We collaborate with partners across a range of disciplines, including engineering, social sciences and policy to develop innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

We specialise in a wide variety of areas, including conservation, climate change science, sustainability, policy, engineering and economics.

Research in environmental management has the potential to create significant impact, from improving public health to protecting natural resources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions and their devastating impact on the planet, as well as mitigation and adaptation efforts in the face of current and future environmental change.

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