Teaching Laboratory
Our teaching laboratory can accommodate 40 students.

Our teaching and research laboratories consist of adjoining rooms that facilitate teaching and research in palaeoecological reconstruction.

The laboratories are located on level 3 of the Steele Building (Building 3).

They’re equipped for palynology, soil science and radiolarians as well as physical geography.

The teaching laboratory can accommodate 40 students and suits individual or group work. Integrated computers are located on each bench, and equipment includes:

  • sieve shakers
  • 500oC furnaces
  • drying ovens
  • microscopes (both stereoscope and transmitted light with cameras)
  • laser grain-size analyser.

The integrated research laboratory is fitted with fume hoods for chemical extractions, microwave digestion, scanning electron microscopes and total organic carbon, nitrogen and sulphur analysers.

Make a booking for the Room 321 fume hood.

For more information, email our Tech Team at environment@enquire.uq.edu.au.